the  olive oil of Canneto Sabino

Lazio was at the time of the Ancient Romans one of the first regions to truly commercialize oil on a large scale.

The Sabina district, which in fact consists of the Sabina Hills, the Western part of the province of Rieti, is one of the most important areas of cultivation of olive trees in Italy. This area is devoted to the cultivation of the land and has deep-rooted traditions. The olive trees dominate the Sabina Hills and cover about one-fifth of the territory. This famous countryside was dreamt of by Horace and Virgil. Among with the hospitality of her inhabitants, Sabina is one of the Romans’ favorite destinations for their daytrips ‘outside the city gates’.



if you are inclined to visit Canneto Sabino , you can buy direct by  the  farmers  bottles or cans of this superior olive oil, just taking a walk trough the village and asking informations an the people. 

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DOP  ( Protected Denomination of Origin )

Lazio produces two DOP olive oils Sabina, the one produced in the province of Rieti, is the most valuable. The DOP certification , issued by the European Union, guarantees that precise characteristics have been respected on the basis of disciplinary production regulations and indicates the origin of the product and the work methods used. The excellent extra-virgin olive oil of Sabina has various characteristics ranging from the fruity to the herby and spiced, from intense, consistent flavors to light, aromatic tastes, as well as bitter, spicy and distinctly flavored varieties.

Every year Italy helds a contest that is called Premio Nazionale Ercole Olivario. The winnar in the categorie 'medium fruity' of the 7th contest in 2000 was no one less than the Azienda Agricola Ceccarelli Pierluigi of Canneto Sabino.

The millenarian olive tree of Canneto Sabino

The characteristic of the small village is that one to possess in its revives, the famous "olive-tree"; that, with its two thousand years of age and with the excellent measures of 5,60 m. of circumference in the tight part and 7,20 m. in that average,  is the biggest of Europe  . This olive-tree belonged to the Abbey of Farfa since VI century and from 1886 is property of the Bertini family. To notice that the zone in which Canneto Sabino rises is one of  the best for the production of  famous the extra-virgin olive oil “Sabina”, the first one in Italy to being able to boast brand DOC.

Find out more about this tree and it's history at the site of the province of Rieti.


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